vampire diaries is honestly the most amazing show ever. 

i love Katherine so much shes most definetly one of my most beloved characters ever - shes such a badass because its what its taken for her to survive but then you just get these hints every once in a while theres still this person under it all. plus shes freaking hilarious. Damon and Elena - nuff said. Nothing ever goes right for Caroline but she just marches through it and when shes in the mood and mystic falls isnt in mass amounts of peril she can be pretty freaking funny too. 

the o.c. will always be one of my favourites - seth and summer <3 

i used to be like a gossip girl encyclopaedia because i basically studied it but its not the same show anymore which is sad but in honour of the past seasons i still keep up to date with it. 

glee is just so random nowadays its some good stuff. santana is legit the funniest character out and every time she says something i feel like adding 'BOOM' after it. because she just blew up whoever she was talking to confidence. quinn despite her mildly psychotic social climbing tendancies, shes such a lost character whose just really lonely and scared - and despite all that i love her. 

Brooke Davis made one tree hill. but in my mind it ended in season 4. 

How i met your mother is basically how i want my life to be like when i grow up. Barney stinson is probably my favourite male character ever :) 

Greek - it broke my heart when it ended. but it all finished so well and all the parralells with the beginning that it helped me deal with it ending a lil better hahaha

Skins UK is also legit the best. 

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Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Blerena Backlash

I love dair but wtf blair? she doesnt even seem to fathom that she kissed her best friends boy after setting them up, giving serena hope. I mean thats just mean

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Homecoming"

Katherine is my absolute favourite!
just because Vampire diaries traditionally kills off and moves on - doesnt mean that its right for every situatuion.
shes honestly amazing.

Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

caroline & tyler
season 1 dan & serena