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Castle Review: Tomorrow's Never Promised

I don't understand why everyone's so angry at Kate. Yes, she lied... But so did he. It's obvious to everyone that she's in love with him and he already knows she has issues. She said as much during the 1st episode of season 4, that she wasn't ready for a ready for a relationship until she got over the past. He knows her, so how does he not understand that she's just scared. He should have confronted her about it so he knew for sure how she felt before he moved on. And flaunting that new girl in front of her was just harsh. He did it to intentionally hurt her. It's the way Castle's acting now that infuriates me. How is she meant to tell him she loves him when he's acting like that. I think the writers have written it very well. It makes me want to watch and clearly gets people talking. I'm just frustrated that there's no new episodes for two weeks! lol. OMG! I just realised how obsessed I am. I'm sure this is bad lol.