Harlequin romance

Harlequin Romance

I am addicted to Gossip Girl.GG is defenitly underrated. My Favorite GG couples are Blair/Louis, Chuck/Chuck, Blair/Blair (I love when they get self obsessed)



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Gossip Girl: Just when things are about to hit the fan, they hit the ground instead. With a thud.


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Harlequin romance
Blair's Wedding Dress

She looks so thin in that dress. as in 'No baby bump' thin T.T

Harlequin romance

I used to be the BIGGEST Chair fan EVER. But, here's something- Why is everybody but me so egar to forgive Chuck for almost hitting Blair? Almost is too close to actually happining.Chair wouldn't end well and I think that deep down a lot of you know it. This is a guy who almost sold the girl for a hotel. Dan or Louis, I don't care. Honestly, Dan can challenge her intellectually, but Louis is more like her. He's more able to spoil her the way she was always meant to be.

Harlequin romance

No, no, Danny and a Belgian fan. Blair changed clothes didn't she? The dress was for the engagement party, but she was at an entirely different event when she's kidnapped. The reunion.