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Hawaii Five-0 Review: Man Date Mandate

I read ALL the comments here, and am amazed, just like a few weeks ago, that NOBODY mentions cameos by two famous musicians! Is everyone locked in their little tv rooms focused solely on the leads' bromance and that damn Katherine ?? My goodness, expand your horizons! A few weeks ago in "Hookman", the gun store owner was played by Springsteens E Street drummer (and band leader for Conan) Max Weinberg. This aint some b-list musician from the 1950's...this guy has been the Boss's drummer for a long time and travels the world often with him on tour. After seeing his name in the credits at the start of the show, I waited with anticipation to see what his role was. And he acted great ! Last nite (football episode) was the group "Train"'s lead singer Pat Monahan, who turned out the be the (eventual) bad guy. Again, great acting for someone whose main profession isn't ! I will add that while Train does not have the exposure of say Maroon 5, they DO have recent current Top Ten hits, and are by no means "yesterdays news". As popular as this show was in the 1970's, I never recall musicians of the day making acting cameo's, so this is great to see.....Lets hope we see more of this, say Adam Levine (Maroon 5) or one of the guys from Nickelback or whoever. Crossover with pop or rock music's stars can never be a bad thing !!