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Royal Pains Review: Your Own Path

Ok, pardon my stupidity, but did I sleep thru Jill suddenly getting a new job in Africa???! Thought last week she was stuck in the Hamptons, jobless and houseless.....huh? And I adore this series but ENOUGH OF THE SIBLING RIVALRY! And now, we have to call in Dad? Sorry, spoiler alert belated....

Bunheads Review: From Vegas to Paradise

Wow! That is my main comment about "bunheads" as when I heard it was GG's magician ms Palladino...couldn't wait. I think it is super, yes, I have been totally lacking Gilmore caffeine rapid dialog,and to see Kelly Bishop during the first five minutes told me this is a door to open with crossed fingers. SPOILER ALERT:
But, like "Fran" I too think Alan Ruck is a great male lead and bummed if his future is limited. Realize without him "fanny" and "michelle" will have to bond but he could give a good male spin on this ballet journey. All in all, I still want to watch despite "Hubbell" (honor the character Redford played in "the way we were"?) --here or there...Palladino is back...Gilmore or Flowers, the name may be different, but the talent remains the same!!!!

Army Wives Review: Mission Accomplished

Whew!! Still so peeved about the orphans found myself yelling "damnit there's enough room in four humvees!!". Again, goes to show more of the combat stress: both combatic and head trips our servicemen and women are dealing with. Too bad if Kim Delaney is fighting her own war...she is a champ pray she beats it! Know these orphans are gonna hang over our hearts for awhile....still dont know why they couldnt change the "mission" when faced with such potential inhumanity.

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