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Reflection of Beauty

damn dair is always beautifullll

Gossip Girl - Dan and Blair Kiss

freezeframe! i need to see more! dair is amazing

Dair Moment

god they have so much chemistry it hurts this cannot just lead to 'friendship' man.. just look at them!

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Dare to Dair?

there’s no “right” choice, it’s all about her making the smartest decision for herself.

just read the spoilers... if this is legit, then may i ask, what the fuck? she doesn't make the "smartest decision for herself" , it's that chuck bass who lets her go when she still wants to be with him safran , if this happens you are a big fat liar and an idiot
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OMFG, 4.22 Script Spoilers! (Supposedly) (Spoilers)

Fucking Chair, I swear to God. Poor Louis, marrying a masochist who cheats on him(and doesn't tell him at all) with her abuser that he actually wanted to help her get away from. What did he do to deserve this? Why are him and Blair being utterly destroyed so Chuck can get a sad attempt at redemption? At least Dan may be getting a big, juicy SL, FINALLY! and it's about his writing too.

MTE what the fuck ever

prince louis deserves so much better

blair is a fucking weakling with no self-respect when it comes to chair .. so chuck gets a piece of her ass before "letting her go" and we are supposed to think this guy is "redeemed"? this is supposed to be the "wrong goodbye"? fuck you writers you bunch of shit morons

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OMFG, 4.22 Script Spoilers! (Supposedly) (Spoilers)

wow blair is seriously disappointing me... her life, her choices

she's just as dumb as humphrey is with serena/other girls in general

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