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I predicted way back in season two that the show would end with Dexter dying and his sister avenging him and taking over the vigilante business, complete with Dexter talking to her in her mind the same way that Harry talks to Dexter in his mind. Now with Dexter loosening his code, falling for a questionable woman, becoming a less involved father and stepfather... perhaps the show is starting to try to make him increasingly unlikeable so when the time comes to finally kill off the show's titular character we won't be quite so shocked.

Just my two cents.


I must have seen a different episode than some of you. I thought last night was so boring and dumb. Heartfelt scene between Terry and Arlene? Yawn. And yes, that darn efreet sure looks like the Lost smoke monster. I guess Luna is too good looking to die. I was hoping to trim this all too large cast some and have Sam take the role of a stepfather. Funny how the stars take more than one bullet to die but the extras don't.

Sam and Andy teaming up. Another yawn. Alcide and Rikki? More yawns. Lafayette? I wish this was a yawn but it was just painful instead. Jason discovering why his parents died? Because of Sookie's bandage? Finally a plot point that moves things forward some. Jessica/Pam/Tara/Hoyt... did we learn anything here that we didn't already know?

Seems like this is Sookie's season for one-liners. And as for the Authority plot line? OBVIOUSLY Bill/Eric/Sookie was going to help capture Russell and survive. But who DIDN'T see episodes ago where Salome's true loyalty lies? As a whole I am greatly disappointed in the so-called Authority. And who didn't guess that Russell wasn't silvered after all? Geesh. Major yawns here. Yes, I like Russell's character but we've seen all this before.

This was a TERRIBLE episode overall. And I consider myself a fan of the show. I'm starting to hear the Jaws them here.


Great final episode. I don't think this is the last we've seen of Alicia. She'll be seen again in the flashbacks. As for who called Reese at the end; I don't think it's Nathan. When you see all the computer bling sometimes it actually says something significant. At one point the machine felt Nathan could be a threat. And at the end it clearly indicated that Reese was an "asset" and that it contemplated what its options were now that "continuity of operations" were in jeopardy.