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Dexter Review: A Lack of Urgency

There is nothing I do not like about Dexter. I am confident that this season will get more exciting as it goes along there is a big build up coming I am sure!! I hope Brother Sam makes it but it does not look promising but it seems that who ever get close to Dexter gets it whether it is on his table or not..but whoas to who ever kills Bro Sam they are for sure headed to the table


I really enjoy this show, I just happened to Watch the Centurion on TV with Micheal Fassberger this weekend VERY BLOODY but there was a scene in there that totally was just like Shane Shooting OTIS where one bad guy selfish Roman faked not being able to run any more due to being chased by wolves and when his "friend" came to his aid he cut his leg with a sword and left him for the wolves, sound familiar, but it is the story line survival of the fittest and I still cannot see Andrew Lincoln with out seeing him in Love Actually. But I really like the show, and I wish that gal would quite crying, her daughter is out there alive, dead or undead.

Troubled Water

Can you tell me the actors name that plays Jimmy in season 2 episode 6 Troubled Waters Memphis Beat Great show by the way!!!

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