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@Ausman. I like your analysis but I don't get the comment about Jesus and Christian teaching. On the contrary Catholic teaching absolutely says this life matters. You only get to the "light" if you lead a "good" life, and even then no-one dies in a pure state of grace. There's still a sideways world to navigate as well to get to the "light". But the better your mortal life, the better yourchances of reaching the light.
I would say the sideways world in Lost, was more of a purification world for those preparing to enter the light, rather than a purgatory. In theological terms, purgatory is not a place you want to be. Maybe some of the survivors got to the sideways world from purgatory. Who knows, but these dimensions as explained by Christian Sheppard are not bound by time. The Lost gang simply existed in the "sideways world." There was no "when".
About Ben, he didn't go with them because he wasn't ready. He still had work to do in sideways world. Maybe in these dimensions, one just knows when one is ready or when one has actually been deigned worthy to advance.
Now clearly everyone in sideways world wasn't a hop skip and a jump from the light but it doesn't matter. Maybe they didn't actually exist, like Jack's son, but this is extra dimensional afterlife stuff so we can't understand it, and the writers just made it all up anyway based on a loose interpretation of religious teachings. The Lost writers have creative license. Suffice to say, "sideways world" served the needs of the Lost crew to get to the light.
@Sue.I agree with your good vs evil analysis. Jacob and MIB didn't fit this dynamic. Both were flawed. Jacob at least was fighting for the good guys in the end while MIB had crossed to the dark side in the end, but both had their own distinct journeys.
They may have ultimately both ended up in their own "sideways world" where they worked out their issues before getting a glimmer of the light.
About MIB I think the reason he was able to be killed as a flesh and blood human, rather than non corporeal is because Desmond's actions reduced him from supernatural form with powers to mortal. His form just changed. The island makes the rules :)


Audra Says:
May 24th, 2010 5:03 PM
HIGHWIRE - thank you so much for your review -
Thanks Audra!
I am still fascinated by this show. I think ultimately it was about redemption and salvation. These characters went through a ton of stuff on the island and then even more in their sideways world before they were prepared for the light.
Back to the island though, I think the reason MIB turned out evil after he was thrown into the water by Jacob is that he was already corrupted by killing his fake mother, but do I have that right, did he kill his mother, after he emerged from the light/cave or before Jakob tossed him in? I honestly can't remember. Either way it seems the light was a powerful force for good however if such power was abused it could be a dangerous evil force as well. Jacob and successors guard the light to protect it from coming into the wrong hands and thus protect the human race. Mother had become evil though as she killed that innocent mother and took her two boys. She wearied of the work. I am assuming that the supernatural forces that installed the first guardian established the "rules" as well for succession and that if you didn't follow them, you were in big trouble so, Mother couldn't just walk off the job.
A real neat follow up series would be about Hurley's reign as guardian of the island and who he drags on to the beaches, during his decades or centuries of duty, then more of the island questions could be answered. Its also not clear how Mother achieved the "power". Maybe it doesn't matter. I guess it was passed on by her predecessor as this line of succession could go right back to the Garden of Eden or the first man.


I found the ending very satisfying. Basically all the events on the island were real. The plane did crash. The mysteries of the island are all very real and exist in our world, assuming Lost world is real world. Some of the characters died on the island and some escaped the island on the plane, to continue their lives off the island. But as we were told, everyone eventually dies. The sideways world made perfect sense as did the "church" reunion as these events occured outside of time and space. They were extra dimensional. This was quite interesting as it is consistent with orthodox Christian teaching - that the the transcendant realm exists outside of time and space. Basically when you die you leave this physical dimension which is limited by time and space. You don't necessarily meat up only with those that have died before but also potentially with those that hadn't even been born yet when you lived. Its a realm that is truly beyond our comprehension as we live in this dimension in which time progresses in a linear fashion. But the message of Lost seems to be very Christian in that what matters most in life is our relationships- how we treat others, as opposed to how much knowledge we can gain about the physical universe or how much we can achieve professionally or how money we can make during our finite time. The message seems to be that we can never truly know all the answers,(hence the de-empahsis on providing answers to all the mysteries of the island) at least not in this life, and any power or wealth we accumulate is temporal as ultimately we die and it stays behind, but what we can all achieve is love and kindness vis a vis our fellow man.
I don't mean to get all meaning of life profound but that seemed to be what was coming through. I can't help but think though that the writers gave up on explaining the mysteries of the island and decided instead to finish up with a final season that focused on the importance of human relationships, love and kindness, redemption, etc as the key to moving into the light (heaven?).
So it seems that when the characters all eventually died, that they turned up in this sideways world that they created, which again is in a dimension where there is no, "now" or conventional sense of time. In this world, they play out how they would have liked their lives to have been, if they had not crashed on the island, but in reality, because of the profound effect that life on the island had on their mortal lives, they are seeking to reconnect with those that matter to them, based on the events involving the island experience. We also have to assume that spiritual forces (angels maybe) are at play in the sideways world, directing the characters, helping them create their sideways world and ultimately, guiding this purification process, that eventually prepares them to enter the afterlife light (heaven?) together. Very profound. In fact I applaud the Lost writers for even tackling such an after life dimension. I have always figured such dimensions as exist outside of time and space are completely beyond our comphrehension. Even Christianity only allows that the transcendental realm is real but that we are not able to understand it. But if we are to experience heaven, or the light we saw at the end of Lost, we need only lead "good lives." Do unto others etc. I shouldn't say "only" though. As the Lost characters demonstrated, life if about free will, and the business of making the right and moral decisions which ultimately bring one to the light can be a real process.
But enough of the characters and their journey to the light. Back to the mysteries of the island which is what has dominated the show for 5 seasons and parts of this last season.
I think we are meant to believe that the island is real. It is governed by supernatural forces that we don't understand. The light is some source for good or truth that must be guarded so that the world doesn't fall under the domain of darkness or evil. Jacob although human had been imbued with supernatural powers and insights as a result of the light. His mother passed them on and he later passed them on to Jack and then they went to Hurley.It doesn't matter that there wasn't a chant. Jack had the power to pass the power on in his own mundane way. What is confusing is the nature of the light. It seemed to have corrupted Jacobs mother. It certainly corrupted MIB when he was exposed to it. But again, Mother, MIB, and Jacob are all humans on a life journey who came in contact with the light and were all impacted in differnt ways. MIB, most profoundly it seems, as he became Smoke Monster, bent on getting off the island and unleashing horrible evil upon the world. Jacob knew he had to keep MIB on the island and he also knew he woulde eventually need a successor. Jack was fortunate enough to be the one that managed to kill MIB and end that threat to the world.
Any of us might find ourselves stranded on that island and have to confront such supernatural dilemmas, but maybe not as scary as the MIB. Presumably the supernaturally charged Hurley and his mortal assistant Ben are protecting the Light in the present time and bringing others to the island, who need to be brought there for their own ultimate redemption. Its understood that somewhere in the future, Hurley passes the job onto his successor and dies himself and on it goes until the end of the earth or whenever. We don't know. Which is one of the main themes of Lost. We can't unravel all of the earthly mysteries. It's not within our grasp, at least not in this life, but love of fellow man is.
A very profound show even if it does seem like the writers made it up as they went along.

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Is Naomi going to get raped or at least sexually molested?

I though Cannon was a creep from the start. She falsely accused him of sexual harassment but still even before she got the idea, he asked her if she was suggesting he sleep with her.

He jumped to that conclusion pretty quick when all she was doing was whining for a break.

He's been bad news from the start. An egomaniac who fired her from the Blaze when he could just worked with her.


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