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Homeland Review: Come To Life

I don't agree at all that there should be new actors on next season, that is a crazy idea. This season was great because of these actors, this was a fantastic ensemble. Why would you change it if it isn't broken? Of course the writers can write new stories for them, there is lots more that can happen to these wonderful characters. First of all, if Saul & Carrie open their own covert agency, it could be very interesting. I just don't want Carrie to turn into a "Manic Jack" (a manic Jack Bauer from "24"). This episode was heading that way, with David the boss not understanding her (I think most of the bosses Jack had were out to get him as well). With Saul being like Jack's only friend at the agency, Chloe. But Damian Lewis will be back (and Brody will not blow himself up). I think the whole point to Dana being suspicious of her dad is that she will tell Carrie about it, and Carrie will stop Brody from killing anyone or himself. Then Brody will be courtmartialled but will be found innocent because of post-traumatic stress disorder. I think he may still run for Congress, they let us know in this episode that people would vote for him. So, the whole family will be back, but I'm afraid the Carrie & Brody romance is not going to happen. He doesn't seem to care if he loses her, and is satisfied with a wife that "is happy".

Homeland Review: The Briefcase Bomb

After watching the last episode over again, I'm really thinking it's Carrie's assistant, Galvez, who is the mole. I believe he was also the 2nd secret service agent to enter Brody's home. How can you be a CIA agent & a secret service agent at the same time? You can if you're the mole for Nazir. He may have placed some surveillance equipment in Brody's home. Also, I think it was significant when Zahrani said he knew nothing of the "terrorist plot on the roof of Fasiel & Eileen's house", spoken about by Saul in the questioning. Remember that Galvez, alone, went up on the roof. What if he was told by Nazir to throw in a red herring and just say that you could see Marine I's landing strip from the roof, when you can not? Also I believe that Brody may have some kind of metal chip in him, so that Nazir knows where he is at all times, making sure he stays on mission. That would mean Nazir knows where Carrie lives. Our girl is definitely in danger!

Homeland Preview: "The Vest"

I'll try this again, having some trouble posting this. After watching Episode 10 again last night, I observed Agent Galvez entering Brody's house as a Secret Service Agent. How can you be both a Secret Service Agent and a CIA Agent? Not unless you're a mole for Nazir. Perhaps he put in some surveillance equipment for Nazir to make sure that Brody is following his mission. Also, Sahrani seemed truly shocked by the comment by Saul about the terrorist plot on the roof. Galvez was the one on the roof alone, perhaps he was given orders by Nazir to say that you could see Marine I from there, and that was all just a red herring, to divert the CIA away from the real mission of Nazir! Also I believe that there may be a metal chip or something in Brody so Nazir knows his whereabouts at all times, so Carrie is in danger. I think that Galvez may have been the one with Walker to make sure that Carrie was near the bomb that was being detonated. Galvez could have pointed her out to Walker. There would be no love lost between Walker & Carrie, since Carrie was with his wife when she tried to have him trapped. Galvez has been mysteriously missing from the CIA recently, could it be that he's busy being a mole for Nazir??

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