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NCIS Round Table: "Nature of the Beast"

I liked the episode. The new mission looks like it could be a big one! I also missed seeing more of the team though in this episode, but was glad they wrapped up the EJ team thing. I especially liked at the end when they were talking about Mike Franks - I couldn't believe they killed him off last season - he was such a fun character and brought a different dynamic to the show. I heard Gibbs say that Mike's family was now near him - so will they begin to write them into the story lines (what ever happened to the old woman)?? Hmmmm . . . . and Mark Harmon can be so expressive in his looks . . . at the end when he's reading the file and realizes what they have ahead of them. You could see his excitement, his fear, his disappointment, all of it in his eyes. I never miss an episode. Everyone knows that on Tuesday night you don't talk to me!