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Will Jamie Lee Curtis Return to NCIS?

most of the comments i am reading are saying that Ryan should not come back at all. period. end f discussion. My hope is that a little bit after they finish and kill or capture Harper Dearing (more than likely he will be killed) they will bring back Ryan for no more than 3 or 4 episodes. Just to finalize things. The whole reason she ran was Dearing knew how to get inside her head, which Ryan claimed to have thick walls for. However, he knew where her son went to school and all the extra-curricular activities he did. And he knew how to get her to run for the hills scared. Dearing did something with a judge who had her ex-husband released from prison and it terrified her. her priority was to keep her son as well as herself safe from harm. Dearing knew that was the only way to get rid of her without having the entire DOD after him as well as NCIS. My opinion is that after everything ends with dearing, there will be a showdown with Ryan's ex, that will be very interesting. I will take that as the end of Dr. Ryan on the show. Not death of the character, just that ends all reasoning for JLC to still be on the show.


i like the unspoken attraction, but i would love to see em sneak behind Gibbs...


IF there will be a Tiva... don't like that name by the way... it be TO(ny)(zi)VA
TOVA...my opinion.... ANYWAY IF there will be a ..TOVA.. i'm almost positive that Gibbs will be pissed and make an ultimatum. They would be breaking rule #12 Never Date a co-worker. And if Gibbs has to break up the team cause of it it will also break Rule #5 Dont Waste Good. If anything...they might sneak it behind Gibbs.. who will catch them.... this will be Intresting :)

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