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Grey's Anatomy Review: Time For Goodbyes...

Ok, so the biggest topic of the night was Teddy and Henry. I hate that he died! There was no reason for that :( Like many have said, we had the Denny/Izzy similar experience and really didn't need to see it happen again with Teddy/Henry. I mean, Izzy had something with Denny, but it was all in the hospital. Teddy and Henry really fell deeply in love, took their marriage seriously and really cared about each other. I'm not saying Izzy and Denny didn't because they did, but Teddy and Henry had a thing for a longer period of time. I hate to see that be over. They were really without a doubt my favorite couple. I loved Henry!! R.I.P :( Zola - I agree, the baby situation works for Arizona, Callie and Mark because she's not a main focus. I do prefer to see Mer and Der together alone. As doctors! Of course I want to see them happy and this is something that would make that happen, I just think that's a big distraction from the main purpose of the show - the medicine and the drama. Anyways, them not getting Zola is already drama itself so it fits with the show. Alex and Meredith - Wow, I really thought something was going to happen to them. I knew Alex wasn’t going to die, wasn't so sure about Meredith. I'm glad neither died, but I hate that they didn't actually get injured! I mean, yeah they did, but they didn't....They're fine. Like I said, I didn't want them to die, but when they get hurt and you get to see their friends care for them, it's really touching and I love it. You see a whole other side to it all and I always enjoy it. I guess we don't really know if they are seriously injured until January(although we kinda saw they were ok....unless the ambulance blows up before they can get far enough from it). Owen.....THE LIES!!!! Ugh, I hated it! Why didn't he just insist, take over, and tell her the truth??? That was so hard to watch! I feel so bad for Teddy. :( Jackson and Callie, I mean yeah it's gonna bring the hospital down, but with everything else going on that was the least of my worries and the furthest from my mind. But UGH! If it wasn't for their screw situation, Teddy wouldn't have been in surgery with THEIR patient and maybe the Henry incident would have ended differently. Poor Christina. I hope what happened after the shooting doesn't happen again. I mean, this is traumatizing enough to make her not want to operate for a while. Even though it wasn't truly her fault, she'll be thinking "I killed Teddy's husband!" Wow. It was a pretty intense episode! We need more like these(Minus the deaths). I still can't help thinking, WHY DID HENRY HAVE TO DIE?? WHY? WHY HENRY??? Gosh the only reason she can get people off the show is by killing them!! I know it makes us keep coming back, but come one, it shatters all hope! With Izzy we can still have some hope in thinking she might pop up some day but George and Henry(the most important ones)we have no hope!! So many cliffhangers! I don't understand why we have to wait until January :/ Grr! Well, I can't wait. Cool birthday present for me :D lol I think I should start a blog. Getting all this out is pretty fun. Lmao