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In the hopes that Izzie may come back someday . . . Izzie calls Alex and tells him they need to talk. It can't be over the phone, they have to meet in person. He is with Lucy at this point, so he decides to ignore her. She shows up in Seattle anyways and corners him. Izzie tells him that she is engaged and her and her husband-to-be want to have a kid. The problem is she has no more viable eggs because of the cancer treatments. There are frozen embryos though, that have been fertilized by Alex. She came to ask him it would be okay to have his child with her fiance. He says it's fine and he doesn't really care, even though he obviously does. Izzie makes an appointment to have the treatment. It happens to be with Lucy. Lucy tells Izzie she needs the signature of the male before they can go ahead. Izzie knows that will be fine and pages Alex. Lucy then awkwardly finds out that they were once married and Alex is planning to have a child without telling her. Soon after Lucy breaks up with Alex. He then feels pretty crappy, but realizes it has nothing to do with Lucy, but with Izzie. We find out later that Izzie's fiance has refused to marry her if she can't have kids. She came to Seattle secretly and was going to reveal to him she was pregnant without mentioning he wasn't the father. Later that night, Alex is in Mer's kitchen drinking. He keeps listening to Izzie's phone message on repeat. He starts to cry. The door opens and someone walks in, it's Izzie. She was supposed to have left earlier that day. She sits beside Alex and they stare into each other's eyes. She says "I'm not having this baby without you." She broke up with her fiance because their relationship was filled with lies and ultimatums, and her true love is Alex of course. They kiss passionately, and they are finally reunited. The end! Sorry for the re-post guys. I had to register in order to be eligible for the contest!

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