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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 213

Blair "Dan, this cannot go on anymore. This has to change, do you want this relationship to be like all the others I have been it?"
Dan "I don't understand, what's wrong?"
Blair "Nair, Chair, Dair! My name should come first! From now on we will be known as Blan!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 212

Serena "So I have to pay for this service over the phone?"
Person "Yes, ma'am."
Serena "Do you take cash?"

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 212

Serena answering phone "Who's speaking please?"
Answer "You are."

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Delena- When the hell is it gonna happen?

Hey Delena fans of the world!

 I have just joined tv fanatic and I am totally head over heels (I do have some really cool shoes :) over damon and elena! Even though I love Vampire Diaries, I am really pissed at the writers for not making this hot couple happen... RIGHT NOW!!!! So, if any of you have any idea, theory or spoiler of how they will come to making out, please share!!! Even if you just want to brag about them, your totally welcome to do so!

Thank you sooooooooo much for posting!!!

Luv ya! -M 

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