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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 174

Blair: Die now fake serena!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 168

blair: bad hair day, no?
serena: em... the hair extention should be blame.

Taylor Momsen Turns 18!

@ Asht, so, anything to do with u then?

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The Last Days of Disco Stick (Season 3)

hye all...

what do u think of D & V together??

4me, the r mean 2 be together since....forever ago

like...u noe...as little J adviced to lonely boy about V in s3e5 (rufus getting married)...kinda soooo true...

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The Grandfather: Part II (Season 3)


blair said what every1 want her 2 say!

serena just so annoying n just think of herself is the best n think that she is a good person but actually she's worst than BW seriuosly.

this episode is what i'm looking 4 since the past few episodes in s3 such a lame episode=bored!!!

serena had always told blair how bad blair is, wout considering herself s bad s BW is!

thumbs up 4 dis episode =)

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