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@Dana, I would hardly call a Great Great Great Grandaughter a close relative, there would be a ton of other DNA in the mix, its legal to marry cousins (and do things married people do), limited to second cousins in the US though, and the DNA difference there is only from one additional source (two for second cousins) where as Portia has 6 sources of DNA, add onto that the fact that Bill has changed his DNA by becoming Vampire, I would hardly call that incest then. Merely the past catching up with you. I will steal a line from another Vampire TV Show and throw in a "If you live forever the past always catches up to you eventually". Also on top of the fact that sleeping with your Great Great Great Grandaughter from your Previous Human life, is hardly incestual, if you really were disgusted by such things then you would have stopped watching last season when terms like Uncle Daddy! came around in hot-shot, anyone still watching after that obviously isn't as sensitive about Incest in True Blood as you are. One final comment, thanks from everyone everywhere who hasn't read the books who read this blog from ruining the suprise that assumeably comes up in the next episode about Portia's partial relation to Bill.


Personally my vote is to have her end up with pam. :P

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help please... True blood

Try finding a site without surveys, or try downloading torrents, aside from that perhaps try paying for the show if you live in the US.

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