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Seth Gabel to Portray Major Villain on Arrow

Let's hope that they don't put him in one of the many crazy costumes that Count Vertigo has worn over the years in the funny pages. Judging by the producers' good taste so far, I have no worries! Let's get dizzy! Big Bad, FTW!

Arrow Review: The Mission Comes First

When the show was first announced, I too was bummed that
Justin Hartley wouldn't be reprising his role as Ollie.
Now that the show has come out though I AM SO HAPPY that
he didn't! Hartley's Green Arrow would not have fit the
tone of this show at all... a tone that I really enjoy.
When they said they were going "dark," boy, they weren't
kidding. Stephen Amell is rocking this part like no other could. Arrow is lightyears beyond what I was
expecting... the cast, the PACING, the execution, the
humor, the guest-baddies, the eye candy... Laurel and
Thea, WOW! (I don't swing that way, but Stephen is one
handsome fella, as well. Lol!)
I liked Justin's take in Smallville, but I like Amell's
for different reasons, and they made an excellent choice
in casting him, as well as the rest of the cast. A++