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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
I LOVED all the CB scenes... of course but I have to give the funniest quote to Dan when he an Vanessa are sitting at the coffee house discussing that fact that he is going to miss highschool:
"I'll miss Blair and her daily ego demolitions, NELLY YUKI STEALING MY LUNCH"......LOL

2. What took you by surprise the most last night?
That they are still trying to find an interesting story for Vanessa....God help us.

3. Will Chuck and Blair last?
I think if the writers are good this culd be an awesome opportunity to have some great SL for them....jealousy, C's drinking, B's eating disorder. Plus they fight better than anyone... doesn't mean they have to break up. Lots of fighting and making up but staying together.

4. If you were Gossip Girl, how would you describe the graduating seniors we love?
Serena- clueless Nate- clueless Blair- Perfection Chuck- Sexy Dan- funny

5. What is Scott's agenda?
Money... I am sure

BONUS QUESTION: I don't care as long as they keep Chair together.


Also LOVED this quote:

G: "Where's Blair?"
C: "I agreed to give you a ride, thats all... Meals are not included."



1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

I have to go with B:

Serena: "You brought Nate?"
Blair: "I'm just as flummoxed (confused) as you are. I got out at 53rd and made a run for it but he is faster than he looks." LOL

2. How are you liking the Gabriel-Poppy financial caper story line?

I thought it was an okay storyline until Lily called the cops on S. Seriously.... She is worried about the financial thing causing a scandal... as if S getting arrested won't be all over town... REALLY stupid twist.

3. More puzzling decision: Chuck letting go of Blair because he loves her, or Lily having Serena arrested to avoid drawing attention to the scheme?

See over answer..............

I think Chuck TRYING to let Blair go makes perfect sense. He does not think he is good for her. He has proven that over and over.

4. Biggest stretch: Serena thinking Gabriel would simply return the money, Dan overhearing everything, or the increasingly strange Kelly Rutherford pregnancy-hiding outfits?

HATED Dan this episode... just when I am starting to embrace him again, they make him into a moron again.

5. How will Chuck react to seeing Nate and Blair at the prom?

I think he will be supportive of her.... because as he said he wants her to be happy. I hope Serena spills the beans about the ILY and B decides to end things with Nate on her own without Chuck stepping in. I think this will make for a better reunion for them in the finale...

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no graduation cap S?

Why was Serena not wearing a graduation cap.?....She just had the tasle hanging in her hair....WIERD?

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I need to join this support group too.  I seriously get so mad at myself for not waiting but I can't help myself.  I really want to be surprised this time....


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Why Does Chuck Get the Penthouse at the Plaza? (Spoilers)


I think Chuck acknowledging that he can not make her happy goes much deeper than him knowing her well enough to pull (manipulate) of the perfect prom.  He has already said that he knows her better than anyone else, but not being able to make her happy is an emotional thing. He doesn't know or trust his feelings for her or his ability to love her the way she deserves.

I hear your frustration with the writers but I honestly think their reasons for this is to show unconditoinal love and support.  For Chuck to do all that for her and not admit it makes it even more special because he is truly doing it for her sake only and not to get something in return.  This is just another way for the writers to show Chuck's character development.  Not to long ago he never would have done something so truly selfless.  He would have taken... no demanded the credit.

I agree with you about their inconsistency's.  They should have never extended the season because all it did was give us a bunch of s**t episodes that really had no relevance.  In the history of tv romances I have never seen such a delayed reunion and it frustrates me to no end.  There should have been if nothing else more interaction between C&B.  (Trying to avoid temptation etc) but alas we are stuck  dealing with the most random and unfeeling hook ups in the history of television...


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