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I think Alex and Izzie will stay! Alex needs some man friends... this could be good for him and McDreamy! I am also looking forward to the new show following GA next week. Life on Mars loos awesome from what I have seen so far!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: The McHouse!

I need to live in that house! So nice!

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Isiah Washington

I agree that he was good on the show, but life goes on. I am thinking Kevin McKidd is going to fill the relationship gap as well as other left from Burke's departure.

I still love the show and think it is still one of the best on TV. The premiere was awesome!

Also looking forward to the Life on Mars premiere following Greys tonight. Looks like a great show!

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Cristina and Owen!!! (Relationships)

I think they are going to be the best couple! Hope McKidd stays around! Also going to be a new show on after Greys this upcoming week called Life on Mars. Looks like hot couiple on there. Lisa Bonet and Jason O'mara who is totally McHot. Show looks really promising... looks like Thursday will be a late one for me!

If you are interested - www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvL4Z-XXYNg

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Grey's Anatomy Momentology!

That is really McCool!! I hope the Denny/Izzie moment wins!

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