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Meal with Caroline

i like caroline's beginning vampire look, with straightened hair and the eye-liner it made her look bad ass, talk about girl power :)


if bamon happens i'll seriously will like the show less i mean is that couple pairing really necessary??
and huge props to nina dobrev whose acting abilities are amazing and beyond she can have intense scenes with anyone in the show and make them believable go nina!!!
damon surprised me..again. i think that even though damon was protecting himself i'm sure he thought about what mason did to stefan and as much as damon won't admit it he'll do anything to protect stefan and the one's he cares about.

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Plan B"

got to give it to paul wesley with the crying...it was very touching and i'm a delena fan! still elena and stefan were silly to think that they could still be together and not get caught..i mean it's katherine!!!
caroline compelling her mum was heartbreaking i didn't expect it because caroline was selfless instead of just protecting herself and keeping the new formed relationship with her mum she thought of the bigger picture and thought about if other vampires would be safe like damon and stefan. I've got to say i'm loving the vampire caroline she's already becoming one of my favourites!

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i agree i hate how he ruined the first real caroline and tyler scene where caroline talked about her emotions for the first time!!!

i hope matt doesn't ruin a future relationship between caroline and tyler! forwood ftw :)

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So Elijah wants to keep Elena safe?

OMG!!! teamdamon4eva i just had the same thought that elijah might be the father of katherine's baby so that would explain that he wants to protect elena because she's like he's great great grat great daughter or something. it also explains that he wanted to know katherine's wearabouts in an earlier episode!

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So Elijah wants to keep Elena safe?

that scene was one that left me thinking alot. i was shocked because it didn't make sense. he mentioned in this episode that he realised that damon and stefan would risk their lives to protect her and so he spared damon but why then and not when he arrived in the abandoned mansion in an earlier episode?

the big question is not whether he is evil but why does he want elena safe?

we saw in katerina in one of the flashbacks that he was working with others to find katherine and bring her to klaus so why does he not want to turn elena into klaus and make sure he doesn't find out about her?

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