I am seriously addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I love Thursday nights!!! Favorite relationship- Meredith and Derek of course!!! I can't get enough of their scenes!!! So excited that we finally got our McBaby! Zola Grey Shepherd and Bailey Grey Shepherd have the best parents in the world. TGFT- Thank God For Thursdays!!

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Grey's Anatomy Cast: New Season 9 Photos!

It's weird seeing them all in navy, attending scrubs! Can't wait to see everyone back together at SGMWH!


There's no way that Derek will leave Meredith. If you think back to their "vows" during the post-it wedding...they said..."To love each other, even when they hate each other." AND "No running, EVER, nobody walks out no matter what happens." Plus, that was a shot of Alex's room not Meredith's and Derek's. I view Alex leaving as a new room for Zola lol.

Grey's Anatomy: Behind the Music...

I am excited to see this episode. And I think it will be better than some expect. Although I'm not a huge fan of Arizona and Callie, and I'd rather see more Mer-Der centered episodes, I still think that it will be well worth all the anticipation and hype that it is recieving!!!