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This episode was so intense to watch I hardy could watch the torture scene's. I really don't understand why it is always Steve who have to say good bye to a loved one this time it was Catherine after a relationship for many years they finally said the magic words I love you to each other a bit to late for me because we all know Catherine is not coming back and It will not surprise me when we get to hear they found her body in a episode next season. It seems to me when you are a lead character on a crime show you never will get a happy ending. Something that is really pissing me off. I am gonna miss Catherine and wish Michelle the best of luck in the future. The writers finally made up their minds Hawaii Five-O has become now a testosterone heavy show no woman is allowed to come between Steve/Danny. Not something I am looking forward to Steve and Danny are best friends nothing more wish some fans would understand that. Alex acting was outstanding the entire episode he pulled out an emotional, believable and heart wrenching performance in this episode wish we got to see more of this side of Steve. great job Alex!! kudo's to Michelle to.

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Keepsake

Another great episode not as good as last week but it will be tough to top that one . The serial killer was one of the creepiest i've seen in a long while, when Chin enter that house I wanted to scream get out of there. Chin his fight scene were awesome and I was glad that the girlfriend could help Chin through wave the gun to Chin and Chin didn't hesitate and killed the bastard. I guess It was the fingers that he cut off from his victims who where in the safe. Well Steve it's time you pick up a bill and pay for it. Was sweet to see Leilani back her scene at the end with Chin was cute I am glad that Chin have some happiness back in his live. Grover is a great Santa Ho Ho Ho but TBH I didn't see the point for calling SWAT on this case. Grace is in Vancouver hope she will find Adam soon I am getting tired of this ongoing SL. Will Max ever become friends with Danny these two mocking each other was fun to watch Gracie finding a puzzle box with a medallion and inside a picture of a little girl what seems later was washed from the terrible tsunami that hit Japan. It was sweet of Danny to ask Fong if he could find the owner of the box and Fong did, it belongs to a little girl who died in the Tsunami. The only survivor was her father as Danny and Grace flew to Japan to give it back I am glad the father has a photo of his little girl now. Loved all the personal moments at the end As a McRoll fan I am disappointed about the lack of scene's between them no kiss or hug in the last few episodes . What also bothers me this episode is that Danny who didn't had a penny in season 2 and 3 now could fly to Japan with Gracie to return the box. Wish you all and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Honor Thy Father

Outstanding history lesson intertwined with a great touching story. Everything in this episode was truly amazing. It was so well made and the acting, the writing, the beautiful music. Kudos to cast and crew for a superb job! This will go down as possibly the very best episode of the serie. The story David told about his family and what they went throught was very moving . Plus the connection for Steve and his grandfather was wonderful. It was wonderful to see how humble and with lot of respect Steve handle this case. Danny was right it made him softie almost human This episode showed us that people like David also were victims of that horrible war. I didn't even knew about the internment camps ......... James Saito was just amazing as David give that man a Emmy. They did a great job of aging him for the role in real life he is 58 years old. A wonderful tribute to the remembrance of that tragic day on December 7th 1941. Peter Lenkov & Ken Solarz and Larry Teng did a terrific job and must be proud that this episode will air for a year on the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Habor.

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