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"You guys are overreacting ! You don't know what's going to happend the next episode, If Chair is really ending , What Chuck is going to be in , Louis and Blair etc etc etc . So let's just watch the show , stop being hypocrites because in the show you can use drugs , you can kill a guy , But having a rage attack and punch a glass is HORRIBLE right ? pfff" This isn't only one instance of abuse! My god, his behavior has been this way since season one! He has received no reparations for his deeds. He is given a "get out of jail free" card because of his issues. WHO DOESN'T HAVE ISSUES? Does that mean we can get away with attempted rape, vandalism, prostitution, rage? No. This was the straw that broke the camels back. This isn't just an isolated incident.


For the love of God, if people actually take Safran's word as adequate proof of the scene not being an advocate of abuse then I've truly lost all hope in humanity... This is pure stupidity. I hope to God the people who run this site don't believe in this bullshit. The show operates on public television. It's not HBO or Showtime and therefore must be vigilant about what it's showing to viewers. I know the CW is a trash network and it produces junk food, but the way it's marketed is obviously intended to bring in a large teen following. Don't tell me it's just a TV show. Media has the propensity to influence entire generations of viewers (if you don't believe in the power of a media message just look up film in agetprop trains during the communist regime in Russia) towards both good and bad behaviors. Will watching this show make one go and hit a window? most likely not. However, will it desensitize you and have you appropriate this behavior as being less shocking and wrong than it's supposed to be? You bet it will. For those of you who beg to differ apparently you're the stupid ones who give no thought to how media influences society. Shame on those of you actually wanting them to get back together. Their relationship is not working. They don't fit eachother. You aren't supposed to pull your partner down, you are supposed to complement their strengths and weaknesses. Clearly Chuck and Blair never do that. Chuck has had so many "rock bottom" moments, I'm simply waiting for this one to pass so that he can have another emotional breakdown and further spiral downwards into an angry black hole. He needs help, not a mommy in Blair.

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Why so much backlash from some of you about Blairs baby?

ya well redemption has to start from somewhere doesn't it and when a character is trying to be redeemed that generally means that people start forgiving them. 

That's a pathetic argument to make. You're ignoring my point entirely. People are already fawning over Chuck again. There needs to be more than one episode (15 minutes of one no less) before Chuck is deserving of any forgiveness.


Blair acted completely out of character with the way she was unwilling to give up Chuck. I want Blair to be the one to stand up for herself and say that SHE needs to let go. Giving all the power to Chuck makes Blair look like she'll always be his little lap dop willing to go on and slurp up whatever leftovers Chuck has to give her. 

Blair isn't strong in this episode. I hated this episode because it took Chuck to give her her freedom and her "Strength". It should have been self-motivated. 


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Why so much backlash from some of you about Blairs baby?

What makes you think a child will automatically be a cause of maturity OP? Some of(NAY! most of) the stupidest people on the planet are morons that have no place being parents. Chuck and Blair(mostly Chuck) have no place becoming parents, and I doubt a child will keep them anything but stagnant. Chuck shouldn't be around children PERIOD, now imagine letting him have one of his own that he has agency over.

^WORD. I couldn't agree more. I'm surprised by how gullible the audience is. Suddenly they're so forgiving of Chuck because he gives one quasi-sentimental speech after four years of hell.  Him saving her was laughable. He didn't save anything. He ran in and put his arm around her. As far as I'm concerned, Raina is the one who deserves all of the accolades. She showed a lot of maturity and growth for being only a minor character. She's bad ass. At least she has more balls than Blair. 

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Anyone watched finale yet? Spoilers? (Spoilers)

It will end up being a fake positive or something anyway-B cant have a baby, it will totally ruin the show...it will just cause enough drama for her to go back to Chuck... 


This show is shit. I'm through. I can't believe they would make Blair debase herself. Sleeping with Chuck because he kissed her fucking hand while they were being carried on chairs?!?!? 


If she is pregnant it'll ruin the show. Only the little chair freaks will be happy. Now Chuck owns both her dignity and her ovaries. 

My God, I can't believe that this is happening in this show. they were trying to force us to believe Chuck has grown up. they must have had three characters say "wow Chuck, you're growing up!". they are so desperate to make us believe Chuck can undergo a transformation in just three weeks time after abusing his girlfriend for over four years.




fuck this show. it's fucking pathetic.


and also, we're supposed to suddenly believe that Serena reads? And Fitzgerald? Please. That scene made me laugh so hard. She sounded as if she was reading off of a spark notes summary page. 

They need to stop insulting the legacy of the original one hit wonder author and allow Blair and Dan to convince audiences that they actually know their Balzac and Fitzgerald.


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