I LOVE GREY'S especially Mer-Der... their relationship is what true love is all about!!   and, Patrick Dempsey is the hottest man on planet earth!
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I'm hoping that it's a Mer/Der centered episode seeing as they have suffered the most trauma... Mer will realize that her baby (while being an important thing to her life that one day) that Derek is the one who truly matters to her, and with him she's a new person or something like that. it could also apply to all the other characters


guys... shut up. it's Shonda's Show.... let her do what she wants with it. The characters are her family, she created them. She is allowed to give the characters the life she wants. She can decide where it goes. If she doesn't want mer in a dress.... then she doesn't have to be. If she doesn't want them to have a legalized marriage, then they won't. Sure, i would like to see Mcdreamy with the love of his life lusty intern happy and together legally (that would make a horrible storyline if one of them was in a coma, and they would take her off life support unless a fam. member would sign otherwise... seeing as she got no fam other then derek.. who would sign) you know. There is a want in my heart... because i personally see it as the right thing to do... to grow up get married. But they have chosen to be partners instead of legally married. To all of you who are pissed off at why they call eachother husband and wife... They are. they are husband and wife. They are MARRIED.
The definition of marriage is 'the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife'. TYPICALLY recognized by law, that therefore means they are MARRIED. They aren't legally married, but they are still married. They do have the right to call eachother husband and wife. Stop making a big deal of this, and try and see things from Shonda's point of view. and instead of complaining to a website where no one fomr Grey's will ever read it... TRUST Shonda who has brought us 6 great years of TV. She might give you something you want... you need to wait. This was an idea she thought good.... so she probably has an idea of where this is going to go.


Aries93: MerDer will still be there yes... but with all the extra cast- have you NOT been watching? MerDer time has been cut from 10 minutes an episode to maybe 2. The more cast members means less focus on the other cast. We don't get to see their characters. There is so much potential to be explored in each of the original cast members. We know VERY little about Derek... his background. We know all about mer, but VERY little about any of the other originals. Why don't they cut all the extra crap, and focus on showing us the TRUE characters is Grey's Anatomy

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Who's That Quote From? (Fan Fiction)

Cristina to Lexie.... Season... 4 i think. yea thats when she was NEW


my quote...hmm. Guess this one :)

Now I know charting doesn't seem as exciting as surgery, but it is as important. Believe me when I tell you, penmanship saves lives! Is that a 7, or is that a 9? If I have to ask myself that in the middle of an emergency, your patient is dead. You killed him. With your handwriting. Think about that!

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Private Practice episodes, did they talk about Derek

The show is getting so confusing... They have so many litle SL's going on that they can't put them all into one episode, therefore they are caught having a episode going by where we are thinking 'but wait?? didn't this happen? is that just GONE now?" Like the April storyline... that was gone last night, and the Mr. Clark thing... i had NO idea who he was until half wat through the episode, where i realized he was from 2 weeks ago. the storylines aren't constant. There are too many characters, and too many things happening, so they can't focus on any characters, especially Derek. They have him being all Cheif like... and it doesn't show much about his personal life. The MerDer SL is really boring. Oh WHAT happened with the baby SL?? huh HUH? Everything is stuck, and they need to kill off a lot of characters to get it back to how it used to be.

As far as Derek's past life... we know nothing. Yes, his father died. Yes he was mad. Now we know he was there when it happened... But we know nothing about how it effected him or anything like that. Season 1 and 2 were the best seasons, because it was all about MerDer... and now that the show has moved on from that, it's a little lost. Shonda is preparing in the future, without a mer, or a der... but if that happens.. there is no show. I'm sorry. I love this show, it's been my life for the past few years... but i don't know how ABC is going to keep the show running if Shonda does't get her act together. I liked the tweet that the show is going back to being more MerDer centred, because honestly.. from day 1 thats how they made the show, and how you start a show, is how you continue one. Its too late to change that.

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do you think anybody could be a better actor for derek shepard why or why not?

I think that Grey's Anatomy really chose the right actor when scouting out us a Mcdreamy. Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo really look like a couple and have amazing chemistry. I wouldn't be surprised if i heard that they were together (man i wish) because they just fit together perfectly (no offense to either of their spouses).


Patrick has the looks, the eyes, and the smile to pull off Mcdreamy. I'm really happy they picked him, and i think that there are probably other people who could have played him, and who-ever they picked would be great, because they have great ideas for members of their cast, but i'm super happy they picked patrick dempsey, because he sure is a joy to watch every week.. even when he's mad... he's hot! :P

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