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I think chuck not really dies.. he was only wounded in his arm. I hope at the beginning of season 4 chuck followed Blair to Paris and tried to get Blair back. I'm really want they're back as a couple at season 4..

Bluck Bickers

chuck really makes blair broken heart...he really hurt her..I'm so sad for B..but I hope they're not really will be separated...

Last Tango, Then Paris Photo

Blair looks so sad..and when chuck really slept with jenny maybe Blair can't forgive chuck anymore and chuck will be really losing her..OMG!!! I'm really love Chuck and Blair together...they're looks perfect..but why chuck destroy the relationship??? I can't believe they're really split..I'm so sad for it..

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liam with annie or liam with naomi?

I love Liam and Naomi as a couple... I hate annie ..she's a hypocrite..she always with naomi's man...

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Liam and Naomi

Liam and Naomi are the best couple ao 90210...I hate Annie...

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Top Couples on 90210

1. naomi and liam

2. Silver and dixon

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