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Chuck and Blair in TV Guide!

I love Chuck/Blair I dont care how long it takes I'm in it for the long run just keep her off Nate's lips and back to CB's little tug of war which I always love :)

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S3 better address this matter

There's only one response to this statement - bad writing. That's all. Chuck should've told Blair he loved her a long time ago but like someone stated they threw in all imaginable obstacle in the way. Remember in 2.19 he went to tell her but she never made it home, then in 2.20 he went to her house and she was with Nate so we have won the crown of all 'draggin out' which left us with ONE episode for all this stuff to happen so no matter how lovely is was writen, acted and filmed one if left with a severe sense of 'that was it?' and that can be attributed to bad writing and timing from the writers. They dragged out Nair too much, they dragged Chuck's ILY and a lot of other things just to have the characters end up exactly where they started by the time 225 ended. Nate back with Vanessa & Chuck and Blair basically picking up where 2.15 ended.

Posted at candid pic of Ed/leighton. i think.

This is while filming 2.13, not new but they walked around all of NYC that day and the cameras caught them. There's tons more here:

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Anybody got links to awesome Chair fanfic?

IMO, Isabelle writes the best fanfiction in the fandom and it's all Chuck/Blair

My favorites are 'In love & War', 'Dear Life, I Hate Chuck Bass', 'The Butterfly Effect', 'See No Evil' and 'Castaways' but her one-shots are stellar too.

Also, you may want to check out Catheryne who write very dark angsty stuff but it's also exeptional

Her current one 'Mr. & Mrs. Bass' is great and she updates weekly


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