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I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

God I hate alex now .. Izzie is passed through all sorts of things - from George's death to cancer .. she needs little space .. if he don't know that then nobody knows. I don't know .. I'm angry .. I hope that everything will be OK


I agree with @abcdefg


All I want is to Izzie back and reconcile with Alex .. Gray's Anatomy is not the same without Izzie .. We lost George,I don't want to lose and Izzie
Mer&Der - haha they're awesome and so funny xD

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Good Mourning & Goodbye (Episodes)

This episode is so sad that I can't comment .. And that music ash it kills me :( poor george..I am happy for Izzie but very very sorry for george

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Izzie (Episodes)

i don't know what a say.. i'm so sad..i agree with you guys..if Izzie goes I will die .. seriously .. I watch GA only because of her and alex .. and if they split I stop watching GA :( Will she return? What do you think

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Izzie mobile ?????????????? (Episodes)

I know for that phone .. Appears in the first episode of the 6th season when Izzie wants to call George .. it's very sad

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