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I totally disagree that this was a great or even good ending to what has been a good hour of my Sunday evenings. The sad thing is killing someone like Lily from show feeds right into what the "jerk" of a writing crews this show now has to tell the story. Killing popular characters is and always will be the way to create a buzz.....that's all this did. AMC/HOW knows most that are upset and stating they will not watch again will tune in next season. Many hold out hope of some plot comeback for Lily.....I don't see it. There were plenty of flaws in this show....Swede half dead gets up and kills guard then dances around in the middle of an indian massacre before killing Lily. Right, believable. I say to Hell with HOW, I'm done. Just note to other shows......Walking Dead better pick up the pace this year or I'm done with it.