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New Girl Review: Paradise Nick

I can't believe Nick stole a bracelet from a kid, and did so by threatening to strangle and kill him. That is NOT funny. I'm glad he got arrested, but I really wish that hadn't even been there. And Lamorne Morris is making the best of what they give him - and it has improved over the past year - but it's still pretty lame. The writers need to think more about who this character is, instead of always making him say and do silly, haphazard, thoughtless things. Morris remains likeable despite all this. This is a favorite show of mine, but that bracelet thing really bugs me.

Community Review: "Biology 101"

I loved it. But I love Community. I think they're setting up some interesting situations that'll be played out over the course of the season. I'm esp glad that they got Chang to be a security guard. He was funnier during season 1, when he was Senor Chang, and had authority. During season 2 he was desperate. Now he can be his nasty self again. Gotta go catch the next episode in a few minutes; I'm so glad it's going to be about Brita. I don't think she had enough to do last season.

New Girl Review: "Kryptonite"

Apt review, although I like Deschanel's quirkiness, so I liked the first ep better. And yeah, they're lucky to have a star whose sheer charm can add so much to the show. She really deserves some decent writing cause no actor can carry the weight of a show that's not well written. The whole cast deserves better writing (although the new guy was so aloof; hope he gets more interesting).

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