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R.I.P Lexie Grey

Oh no. Sad

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Dan in the finale

I am not defending Dan. I just don't think Dan and Serena are meant to be because of past seasons. When Dan was interested Serena gave him the run around. So if Dan is not interested, ithats how it ts now time to move on from that SL. I meant people fall out of love all the time so why not on GG. Season one loves need not always be endgame.

Dan in the finale is now a shadow of his former self. I don't condone his actions. They were dumb and annoying to me. But thats GG writing always OOC. So yes how Dan is now a disappointing character for me.

As far as I am concerned Dair and Derena are done. Dan should go away and rediscover himself. No trying to take revenge, win back Blair, Blair/UES gang using the sex tape against him etc. If thats how GG writers write Dan's SL then his character too will dead as a dodo for many tru GG fans. 

Maybe they should write everyone out other than Chuck and Blair because I cannot see the writers trying to be positive towards any other characters at the moment.


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Dare to Dair?

I also think that the emails that Blair sent to Dan that were fed to us by Chair fans to help us with our grieving process may just be an attempt by the writers to troll Dair fans. They must know by know every fandom check every picture, every movement and analyse every scene in each episode as to what maybe next.


The email subject i.e. the RE maybe a deliberate plant to give Dair fans hope to reel us in for S6 to kill us off.


Blair is not going back to Dan. Please don’t get your hopes up with these emails BS. For me Dair is better dead and buried. I don’t want to be like those Chair and Derena fans who will accept any rubbish scenarios just to have their pair together.

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