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Suits Review: Get it Together

I think Harvey summed it up quite nicely when he told Mike to 'get his shit together.' He clearly needs to figure out what his priorities and morals are, and start living by them. Otherwise he is never going to be able to be successful in his work.

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I think Louis is going to face a lot of difficulty this season. He lost a lot of trust when he backed Hardman. He was also completely out of line in the practice trial with Donna this season. Though he sort of redeemed himself at the end, his actions have shown that his loyalty can be bought. That really undermines his trust. He is going to have a hell of a time working his way bac into everyone's good graces. As things stand, I'm not sure anyone at the firm will ever be able to trust him again and, frankly, I'm not sure he deserves it. He's a good lawyer, but the way he conducts himself outside of the courtroom leaves a lot to be desired.