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Smallville Review: "Isis"

God ur so right....i was late to get hooked to smallville so when i first started watching smallville got me really hooked on clark and lana. They had so many emotional moments that i actually wish that clark and lana ended up together. But then they finally got rid of lana, which was so freakin sad and wanted to bring lois to the forefront. I feel like lois and clark's relationship always gets messed with. Like was i screaming like a girl at the end of this episode? u bet i was. I've been waiting for this forever...and im waiting for him to put on the freakin cape already. But when i reflect, i realize that i still think it could have been better....i feel like lana and clark still had better emotional moments with better music in the background. SO even though i loved it, im still left wanting a little more from the producers. But whatever, im not complaining. I still freaking loved the end and can't wait to see what happened next. But im very intelligent and still i dont get what the whole ISIS theme was about...made no sense.