i love gossip girl! currently enrolled in a college english course, i was required to join an online community of my choice. i have alwasy loved the show, so i chose to join a site that i would love to become a part of!

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Gossip Girl Spoilers: Paying Respects

its about time the story line got spiced up..its been dyin off for too long now.

Photo Gallery: "Treasure of Serena Madre"

i'd definitly say from these photos that it was random how all these people happen to be at lilly's for thanksgiving. just random invites, and lots of drama. its obviously going to end badly. the look on serena's face when she's sitting next to trip just screams a look of "i want out of here NOW"

"Treasure of Serena Madre" Sneak Previews

personally, i think Dan is trying too hard to be cool. and Serena needs to learn to think about her consequences before she makes stupid decisions. all she ever does is get herself in trouble. she can never be taken seriously