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The Heir to the Bass Name

aw, i noticed the picture too :)

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Hos Before Bros

it could be serena&nate vs. chuck&blair.
although i don't get how that would work.
but blair's probably going to side with chuck
while serena is going to be arguing with her
and nate possibly backing her up while chuck backs up blair?
idk x_x;

Gossip Girl Cast Interviews: Part I

i love how ed winks @ leighton at the end
and like makes this face
and jessica's laughing while leighton's like
"what's up with him" XD

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6/20/09 talk (Mulberry St Filming) (Spoilers)

oh woops! i don't know why i wrote 6 XD

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6/20/09 talk (Mulberry St Filming) (Spoilers)

So I planned to head down to Mulberry Street this Monday to check out the filming :)I was just wondering how many people were also planning to come.And if so, were they planning to take pictures/videos & post it here :D!

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More Ed/Leighton Pics July 9th (Spoilers)

lol i love his flip-flops!& did you guys notice?blair's purse matches chuck's outfit :D

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