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The Walking Dead Review: "Vatos"

The worst episode of the lot.The whole interaction with the 'Vatos' was like bad filler.They should have given us more of the group members story.Everything feels so rushed since they're only allowed 6 1hr episodes so it suffers. @ Nima- Leaving the keys in the car in a world run amok with zombies is a GOOD IDEA actually.If you lose a group member to the horde you have to pray it's not person with the keys. F that, leave'em in car because chances of a stranger taking your vehicle is small.
The cutting off the hand seemed to soon but then again the zombies looked like they were going to fall through the huge gap in the door. Sounds like I dislike the show but I don't, just hate how far they fell off the original story line.Sure they were going to add some things & take others away but damn.Maybe they should've used 100% different characters but same universe because it pains me to see them do things I know they didn't do.Was looking forward to the prison & how they would handle 2 child killings and their reanimation.If I never read the comics it would be 5/5 but since I did series gets 3.5/5 lol.