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Hawaii Five-O Review: "Ohana"

I like the series, but this is the 2nd episode and I can see it falling into the classic "insert convenient clue instead of plot advancement" syndrome. I.E. 'traffic cameras' that happen to be zoomed in and focused exactly on a grassy section by the beach that just so happens to be EXACT spot where a van, moving a sufficient velocity to push and ROLL OVER A FULL SIZED ARMORED SUV, came to a rest, and captures the take down in intimate detail. Then another that's sole focus is a close up of a back entrance door to a hotel where one of the kidnappers who gets shot happens to run too...two places that are decidedly not traffic related at all. First of all, if the kidnappers are so good, why do it in front of cameras anyway? Wouldn't they have known where he was heading and just preform the take down someplace out of view of the general public/cameras? And if it HAD to be there for the "clue" to advance the plot, why not say the take down took place in the vicinity of the hotel and zoom in on wide angle security camera footage? Then there's the shot kidnapper who NEVER SPEAKS. Since all the info they need is culled from his fingerprint, why does he live? Why not have him wander off and die? Would have been easier than the following: Right beside a VERY PUBLIC KIDNAPPING that consisted of a large, loud car accident, men in face masks, and the murder of two armed security by a team of obviously trained men using full auto P90's with large barrel extension silencers, said shot heavily bleeding kidnapper wanders through the front lobby of a BUSY BEACH SIDE HOTEL, waits by the elevator, heads up to the 36th floor, goes through a conveniently unlocked and un-alarmed door to the roof leaving a trail of bloody finger prints and one very obvious BLOODY HAND PRINT on the wallpaper and nobody notices? Really? And don't even get me started on how they happen to drive directly under the flight path of an unmarked plane that just so happens to be heading toward the location of the quarry and arriving in JUST the right second to stop the execution of a team member who at the exact same time just managed to extricate herself from her bindings, etc. Come on people, that's just lazy writing right there.