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Awesome episode. With the exception of the 3 overarching storylines, this episode felt similar to All In. I first thought Monica Jacobs was a perpetrator when she was copying files into a flashdrive. Then, as the story unfolded, obviously, she was the victim. I have a feeling she might become a recurring character for Season 3, in that she might assist Harold in fixing The Machine. Better her than Logan Pierce from One Percent, which is who I thought would help Harold before seeing Trojan Horse. The 3 overarching storylines were exciting as well. Nice way to keep the HR storyline going and reintroducing Shaw and Elias to the audience. It’s going to be an exciting countdown to the season finale starting in 3 weeks.

Person of Interest Review: Casino Reese

Back to an entertaining episode where the viewer has to figure out if this week’s POI is a perpetrator or victim. In this case, it’s both. I enjoyed the story with Lou. It reminded of the recent Oceans movies and 21. I’m finally getting a handle on how Leon Tao contributes to our dynamic duo. With Zoe Morgan, I understood her role from the start. The first 3 times Leon Tao has been on POI, I couldn’t understand how he was helping Reese & Finch. The third appearance didn’t help because he was an EMT on the Sam Shaw episode. Now, I get it. He’s the finance wizard/playboy millionaire the duo turns to in cases like this one. The HR storyline finally gets a shot in the arm. Not that I like this storyline. I prefer the other one (The Machine/computer virus/government/Greer storyline). But the storyline is back and has my attention. HR does look like it’s getting desperate. How else would you explain Quinn killing Szymanski and the D.A. to get on the good side of Peter Yogorov. I hope Reese & Finch find out soon about HR trying to resurrect itself. With The Machine malfunctioning, they have no idea what is going on. The Machine should’ve spit out the SS numbers of Szymanski and the D.A. to save them. If they don’t know what is going on, then that will lead into the next paragraph below. Carter had better watch out. If she continues to dig deeper for more info on HR, Fusco was right. She won’t like what she sees. That new detective, Raymond Terney, is probably keeping eye on her for Quinn. Beecher looks like he can’t be trusted. I thought I read somewhere he was the nephew of Quinn. Beecher either is a part of HR or isn’t. If he is part of HR, he is playing innocent very well. I can also see Quinn trying to kidnap Carter’s son, Taylor, and use as a bargaining chip if she gets too much info. If HR does something to Carter’s son and Reese & Finch don’t get involved, Carter might question whether to keep helping Reese & Finch on their cases.

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