Hi, my name is Javiera, I live in Santiago de Chile, and I'm 18.

I speak spanish, so forgive me for any bad spelling.

I'm owner of a wordpress(blog) of grey's anatomy in spanish, http://illwritesomeeveryday.wordpress.com

And as any of you, I'm a HUGE fan of Grey's

well... I don't know what else to write, so


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Ellen Pompeo Visits the Nursery

totally agree.
She's so cute :)
I'm wondering, how many months of pregnancy she has? :)
[I'm sorry if there's any miss spelling. I speak spanish]


The TRN's thing doesn't has nothing in common with Brooke Smith dissapearing.
Because she was fired, and TR not. TR decided to leave the show, no one forced him to decide that. And by the way, I'm happy for him, because he didn't had a mm interesting storyline on the show. (I know that I probably have spelled something wrong, pardon me, but I speak spanish :D )


I know Ausiello's word is not oficial, but he is like ... I don't know, A BIG source, who knows a lot more than us...
I hope he's wrong, but... (sorry I don't speak english)