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I just read this is only temporary, hope so. I loved the old team best, altho i do like 13, and miss Kutner. Wouldn't miss Taub tho. So hope this is true. If they ever take Lisa off of the show, i have my doubts i'd watch it. I absolutely love her & her character. And I think Jennifer is a wonderful woman too. Her & Jesse are pretty mature to play out a married couple after really dating & then breaking up. How many people could be that convincing? House is my favorite show & I hope it's not tampered with much, at least not in getting rid of any of the originals. And as far as this Huddy thing everyone wants, I don't! Cuddy is too good for someone like House. Why would a woman like that want a man who sees hookers? Anyhow, hope that Jennifer is only gone temporarily, i would miss her alot.

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