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Bones Review: They're Back!

I agree with sky9. I can't buy the Cam/Arastoo matchup, it just doesn't flow for me, I saw no chemistry there. I loved the ending "Why do you love me?" scene between Booth and Brennan, but that should have been the last thing we saw not Cam/Arastoo. The show is suppose to be about Bones and Booth's partnership solving murders and now private life partnership too. While I think it did come back to the Bones I love some what last night, it still has a ways to go to pull me completely back into the fold.

Bones Review: We Remember

I thought last night's episode was Fantastic. It was by far the best episode to air this season. I thought it was amazingly done for the power of the topic! It was true to all the characters, especially Brennan and Booth. It was the Bones that I love to watch. But I also realize that it was not one taped in season 8, it was one of the 4 bonus episodes that was actually taped in season 7. This to me is what, I think, makes the difference. For whatever reason Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan have chosen a path this season that is not putting out the quality of shows that I, as a viewer, am use to. To me they have tried to turn Bones into a Darker Bones, an "Is Love Enough" season, as Nathan has stated. To me it feels like they are forcing the characters, and in part the actors, into situations and dialogue that is not true to the show or the characters. There is a reason that my 2 favorite episodes from this season, have been 2 of the 4 bonus episodes taped last season (the other 2 we have not aired yet). The actors are more in character, more themselves, they don't have the dark crap of this season hanging over them and the episode. The chemistry, banter if you will, is there between Booth and Brennan, the supporting characters have been, for the most part, just that supporting characters. They have been the characters that I know and love. Bones has been my favorite show on TV for years. Is it still my favorite? Honestly, I don't know. Will it still be my favorite at the end of the season? Right now that's hard to tell. What I can say is that I hope it will be, but unless we start to see more of the interaction that I know and love between all the characters.... A return to the type of episodes without these forced dark overtones.... Well, I will just have to wait and see.