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Justified Season 4 Scoop: Who's Returning?

There have been few shows on TV that I have watched and liked as much as I have Justified. I wait and wait until the new seasons begin just as I am right now. It is by far the best show there is on TV and followed closely by Sons of Anarchy. Keep the show going until Raylan can't hold a gun anymore. Yes it is that good. Looking forward to the next season of this great show and will watch SOA beginning next week. Superb TV show.

Major Crimes Review: Refreshed and Renewed

I was a Closer fan from the beginning and loved it for all 7 seasons. The biggest draw for me was Sedgewick, but once I saw the whole cast together they all became a part of why I liked the show. Move along 7 years and the show was going away and I really thought that without Sedgewick it would not be any good at all. I was wrong and even though I still like Sedgwick this group has come together and even though I was hesitant at first I did watch and after three shows I am looking forward to many more episodes and as someone else mentioned at least 7 years. Great show