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look at how sexy ed looks chuck is just kissing her
he isnt even holding her!
and im excited 2 see what gg does with the scene in paris.. it doesnt make sense to me that chair is going to get back 2gether anytime soon btw, bc of all that happened in 3x22...but i really believe that the kind of love that chuck and blair have with eachother can't be found anywhere else or between anyother character on the show wtf all this jazz for something that aint reality...whats wrong with us gossip obsessed ppl?
lmao xoxo

Leighton in the Mirror

blair waits for C...

Ed and Leighton on the Set

shes so blue i love all but the tights, those need 2 go, and the bad needs 2 be black (an opinion)
and of course, mr. westwick looks fantasticccccc

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What's the worst thing Chuck could do? (Spoilers)

exactly! this would make everyone hate chuck, no?

dont we just love to hate on the Bass man tho?? and anytime we hate him, the ratings soar...its like "whats he gonna do next ??!!" type thing

er, this is not very good for reassurance. i prefer the idea of jack drama.

so u are a chair fan then? i agree...the breakup isnt going to do vry much for the shows ratings i dont think...C&B scheming to take down Jack would be best for the whole show i think

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What's the worst thing Chuck could do? (Spoilers)

I think Chuck and Jenny is a strong possibility! I mean what better way for her to become queen of the upper east side than to bag Chuck Bass??

now that you put it that way...i see it. but does chuck really have no respect for his new family? or is that newly found relationship weak enough to break?

But it does say that Jack has something to do with it!! Maybe Chuck sides with Jack over the whole Jack and Blair hooking up on new years and starts being really horrible to Blair???

hmmmmmmmmmm....idk. it sounds juicy and who loves drama more than gossip girl?!!?! but chuck already forgave B :( so.......

and what are your opinions on the breakup?

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Serena/Carter again -set pics january 18 (Spoilers)

but i like serenate :(

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