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90210 Review: Falling Through Plot Holes...

Hahahaha I stopped reading when the reviewer suggests Mr Shirazi kill himself, when quite frankly he or she is asking for realism. Though reviews are reviewed in ones own opinion, we cant help but smirk can we ? As he says it, it IS seen as nit-picking, people are not watching this show to see reality, if we were, why would we buy tv's or even waste internet usage to watch 90210? Hence, obviously we are all in it for fantastical means. Does that mean everything in 90210 is fantasy? No, as there has to be a sense of reality to a drama based on reality, however it does not need to reflect upon reality so strictly that every illogical detail must be mentioned. Poor character development, or whatever, storylines are too lazy, it does not matter, most of 90210's viewers are in it, not to sit there and review it, rather enjoy it. If it does the job of giving viewers an enjoyable experience than so be it, it does not have to make perfect realistic, social, logical, economical, political sense. No one is asking for a show like that as we live it. The reviewer may defend him/herself by saying that obviously i am being too harsh as it IS his / her job to review it, and that is correct, however it feels as if this constant bashing is surrounding the reviewers head to the point that he/she will just continuously nit pick, and ultimately not even enjoy 90210, and disregard it slowly and ignorantly, week by week.

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Recipe for Ruin

Maybe DR Jonas Martin, is ALSO another original? And the reason why Bonnie didnt feel anything when she was with them i because their powers are just so great they are immune to witches