Hey so if you're reading this then i have probably spoken to you before for you to go on my profile, maybe you're sending me a message? :D
Well. Basically i am a TV Addict. I know, its a serious problem. I love watching One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and thats just to name a few. OH and 90210.
I will forever ship Chuck and Blair because i believe them to be one of the greatest tv show couples EVER. They are cute, romantic, sexy, passionate, funny, and overall amazeballs together. Hehe, Catherine lent me that word ;D I also ship Dan and Blair together, I have done since season 1. I will be happy if Gossip Girl ends with the pairings as followed: Blair and Chuck, Nate and Jenny, Dan and Serena, Rufus and Vanessa. If not, then i would also be happy with: Dan and Blair, Chuck flying solo, Serena and Nate, Jenny flying solo, and Rufus and Vanessa. My Rufus and Vanessa shiping will never be destroyed. NEVER. Why they no together yet!?
To summerise my other tv show couples there are: Brooke/Lucas. Brooke/Julian. Hayley/Nate. Hayley/Lucas? (at the beginning of the show it could have gone that way and i would have loved it.) Peyton/Jake. Caroline/Tyler. Caroline/Matt. Caroline/Stefan. Caroline/Damon. Caroline/the world. Other ships in the Vampire Diaries have no intrest to me. Well, Damon/Elena maybe ;) Stefan/Elena are cute also. Jeremy/Bonnie too. Sookie/Eric. Dexter/Lumen. Deb/Quinn. Moving on to 90210 Annie/Liam.

I am a nice, understanding person. If i say so myself. And id love to chat with you once in a while. Message me or simply start up a convosation on one of the message boards that i may appear on.

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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 34

Caroline: So i told Tyler im a vampire and...
Stefan: *thinking* im so glad i have a friend, i spend way to much time brooding,and making my hair look so perfect. I AM a good friend. Gosh, i dont know why people dont talk to me more.
Caroline: ... so what should i do Stefan?
Stefan: *thinking* ohhhh crap. What did she say? Dammit. Sparkle! sparkle! maybe it'll distact her.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 126

@BassBillionaire- Vanessa: Did you or did you not sleep with Serena the Slut? Dan: I don't know if I can have this same conversation one more time. Vanessa: Then why is it that I find out from Gossip Girl that you're visiting an STD clinic not an hour after you find out Serena has an STD?! Dan: Maybe I was here for the free condoms, did you ever think about that! (grabs them from bowl and throws them at her)

Gossip Girl Review: Giving It Up For Jenny

Lmao! @whocares
I thought the same thing.