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The quote should read. "And she's ure as hell better off WITHOUT you."

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Mother's Nature

In no way did Damon get close to HAVING Elena.
Yes, Elena likes Damon. Yes, she is thankful for all the ways he's been there for her lately and everything he's done. Yes, she felt rejected and vulnerable as of late because the love of her life appeared to not care about her and there was a beautiful guy who was swooning over her and that's nice to indulge in, sometimes. But it's so obvious that she doesn't LOVE him. At this point she could not possibly feel obligated to stay away from Damon because of Stefan. The reason she stays away from him is because she still loves Stefan and it's realistic, imo. You don't just stop loving someone and shift your affection to someone else! No matter how hot that other person is.
I'm not saying she doesn't like Damon and care about him, but she loves Stefan and I respect her for that even though she was pretty mean to Damon tonight. She could have been more sensitive.


1. The Stelena scene at the end, up until the last moment when Stefan pulled away. Why? Oh why???
2. Going after Kol. - Sleeping with Rebekkah was a twist I liked. They could be good together.
3. They were all more or less believable, plus I liked the song during the waltz.
4. Tyler's phone call was so adorable, my whole mind closed shut to the idea of Klaroline. Still, Caroline could actually bring out a much needed softer side to Klaus (should he want to stay past this season's finale that is).
5. Kol seemed so beautifully self involved. I loved the mirror scene.