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@Catherine -- Im actually so happy to know you have the exact thoughts i do on the show, Saying im beyond obsessed with this show would be a huge understatement. i dont know what it is, but i dont find a scene on the show boring no matter who it is. AS many other i do prefer the chair scenes since im a die hard chair fan but honestly dont mind the others. Ive been watching since season 1 as well and havent left chairs side yet. I loved derena but i dont think the writers are ever gonna go down that rode again sadly. But i do agree all people bitch about is how it is "boring" and the writers are pathetic now. Like come on people, lets see you keep this shit up like they do. I agree they are sometimes / alot of the time they are a huge pain in the ass because they never leave anyone happy on this freaking show but thats the whole gist of the show. I really would hope if they are planning to have c&b a couple again at one point i really hope they dont wait till the last freaking second to do it because that would freaking being the most annoying shit they could do. But besides that people should appreciate that we still have the show because as lows as the ratings are, they could've stopped the whole thing by the end of this season. ;[