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Sooo I was crying at the last scene with Alicia. The raw emotion was awesome. Most of the time, I find that most reflect their own personal life experiences in their reviews. I can honestly say I have no relation or experience similar to Alicia's experience and I still felt emotion for something I could never relate to. That's how you know the writers succeeded. I do agree there were many loose ends but doesn't every season finale leave you with the desire to have those loose ends tied up? This show did not tie up any loose ends from the last two shows. Therefore, the next season has about 3 shows worth of loose ends to tie up. I'm not disappointed and I look forward to next season. I have no particular desires for where I'd like to see Alicia end up romantically. I just enjoy the ride and I enjoy watching her evolve. That's what real life is all about and this show does a great job of portraying it. Everyone who is desiring for Alicia to do something in particular is going to experience their gratification and then become bored. Don't have expectations and enjoy the ride too :)

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