Hello!!!!!! everyone:>;>

          My name is Mischa:) and im 13 yrs old.I love Greys anatomy,Private practice ,Desperate housewives, Pretty little liars,Gossip girl,Vampire Diaries, wizard of waverly place.I love music especially KATY PERRY's music:)<3 <3 I wanna see your peacock cock cock cock your peacock cock<3<3 Im in 8th grade \m/.I live in America .Im spanish-american so  i go to spain every summer to visit my nana ( grandmother) I speak 4 languages:p


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alex and april ewwww but i like them more than lexie and alex
hahhahahaha if it was april and alex i wish april would lose her virginity=)))))))
Lexie should be with Mark

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 231

Owen:come on cristina why dont you like this place? is it because of the broken furniture?because we can redo the furniture.
cristina:no is not the furniture
owen:then what? what is stopping you from buying this place? what are you afraid of?
Cristina:(thinking) Ghost...