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I don't know just yet how I feel about season 4. I do think that they should stick a bit more to th ebooks, as the story line presented there is great on it's own. The fairies play a very significant part of the story later and I don't see how they can make it work now that they have a Queen Mab adaption going on. I was also psyched for this season because of the Sookie-Eric hook up that goes down in the books. I dislike the controlling way in which it seems to be unraveling in the show. I also do not like Bill as King. He is a significant enough character as he was, and plays a consistantly important role in the books, but not that significant. I have also been an Eric fan as opposed to Bill. I think Bill is too weak a vampire, too weak a character actually, to weild so much power. By making these drastic changes this season I cannot see the rest of the book series being followed properly. Umm also, Portia is supposed to be ugly...just an afterthought...I guess we'll see how it turns out but from th elooks of it True Blood may lose me this season... *sigh*

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